Adobe Creative Cloud For Photographers


As you probably aware, a while ago Adobe went to a subscription model for their popular products so the Creative Suites are no longer and have been replaced with the Creative Cloud subscription model. In the photography world many people complained a lot about this, why pay $49.99/mo for the creative cloud when you only use Photoshop and Lightroom. Sure you can get a single app for $19.99/mo so this would get you Photoshop which is a pretty ok deal but nothing stellar. Yesterday at the Photoshop World Conference during the Morning Keynote speech Adobe announced a new program, Creative Cloud for Photographers. For $9.99/mo if you’re a CS3 or later owner you can now get Lightroom 5, Photoshop CC, 20 GB of cloud storage, and Behance Pro.. The new service will go live in a few weeks and this special introductory pricing of $9.99 will be offered until the end of the year.

To get the $9.99/mo price you need to have at least CS3 or later, existing Creative Cloud members can also take advantage of this new pricing. There is no word as of yet if this will be offered to non CS customer or if they will offer the $9.99/mo for this package to those who do not have CS3 or CC. But if they offer this at $19.99 which is what the single app pricing is, this could be a great offer for Photographers that want Photoshop and Lightroom.

The $9.99/mo deal should be live in a few weeks and is only expected to be offered until the end of the year, but no indication what the price will be after that.

So if your running on an old version of Photoshop and/or Lightroom and looking to upgrade and don’t need all the other applications offered in the full CC package, just hold on and wait a little longer. Once it’s released my personal opinion is jump on it. At $9.99/mo your yearly cost is less than $120, a new version of Lightroom offered at special discounts seen from time to time tends to run about the same, a new version of Photoshop CS6 (while you still can get hold of the boxed version) runs well over $600. If you get lucky and managed to find a boxed version of Photoshop CS6 upgrade it will set you back at least $200 and an upgrade of Lightroom will set you back $79 or all in all close to $300 (figure shipping for the boxed version of PS CS6 and electronic download of LR5) and you can get 2.5 years worth of Creative Cloud for Photographers for the same amount of money and in my experience we’ve seen a new version of Photoshop and Lightroom every 12-18 months and with the Creative Cloud service they are pushing out smaller updates much more rapidly, since I became a CC member Photoshop has gotten 2 minor updates and this in less than 9 months.

Worried that your files will be held hostage if you let your subscription lapse? Well that seems to be a bit of Myth and you are supposed to be able to open your psd files in PS and save them in a different format in expired PS CC, however you will not be able to edit the files.

Expect to see more interesting news both from Adobe and other companies coming out of Photoshop World this week. So stay tuned.