About Eje Gustafsson

I’Eje Portraitm passionate about photography, motorsport racing (primarily Formula 1, American LeMans, Grand-AM and Indycar) and Corvettes.

Any day I can combine one or more of these passions is a great day. I been known to visit local Autocross races and capturing the cars in action. But motorsport and beautiful muscle and sports cars are not the only thing I shoot. I enjoy to travel and capture anything and everything I come across, be it landscapes, architecture, street activity it don’t matter.

While at home I got a studio setup at my residence where I shoot product pictures for commercial use but also do some portrait photography. On occasion I have gone to clients locations and setup my studio there for portrait photography.

In my daily life I work as a senior manager in a privately owned IT hardware distribution company and done so for the last 7 years, other things I am or been involved in is an ISP and webhosting company, backup and storage consultant as well been a UNIX/Network Administrator. For the last 20 years I have been involved in the computer/networking industry.

Personal Links :

Personal Blog: straylightdata.com
Flickr: macahanC6R
500px: EjeG
Twitter: Eje_G
Google+: Eje Gustafsson